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Innovation in digital Marketing

Today the world is radically changing the way we communicate and live with each other and with digital devices. Yes, in a few years we will have a smart home. So, there are 4 great trends in the world of communication and digital marketing that will change the market in the coming years and that will be implemented

1.- Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will open new frontiers where it will take us to an experience to a new level. This will cause a great absolute change in the way of consuming, learning, communicating, etc. And of course, the entertainment market will no longer be the same. We are clearly in a great revolution in the communication and Marketing market. For example: Toyota and its driving safety sessions.

2.- Real-Time

Real-Time will convey short, useful, high-impact experiences. Real-time commands and real-time experiences. They are experiences that capture the user's full attention and compel them to participate. Looking for a great impact on the consumer. For what today there is a great clear deficit of attention on the part of the consumer, the need to create content that really connects and impacts is essential. For example: Tidal and Usher with their video "Don't Look Away" where the user cannot move their eyes from the screen using facial recognition.

3.- Omni-quality vs Sense

Omncality vs sense this great trend speaks of the fact that to be a relevant brand it is not so important to be everywhere, but to be in new channels, unexpected channels and especially where it is needed. In order to get in the way with the competition, it will be necessary to explore new communication formulas rather than continue pushing the usual ones. For example: Durex in France. A bot on Twitter was searching for heartbroken Twitter users and encouraging them to keep going.

4-. Machine learning

Machine-learning makes life easier. We make better decisions, we get better information, faster, etc. Evolution is unstoppable and with the exponential technological improvement that we are experiencing it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to predict where we will be in this regard in a few years. For example: Airbnb and its "Price-Tips". Machine-Learning helped homeowners to set the best price for their properties.

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