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Commercial Funnel

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

These funnels are a representation of the different stages that potential customers go through. From the first contact with the company to the sale. The commercial funnel has 3 stages: The first is the ToFu, the second is the MoFu and the last one is BoFu.

Inbound MKT is used by mainly all the companies to generate results on the Internet. It makes a huge difference because it gives you the generates results in each stage of the process of getting new customers.

You can get new customers with a lot less effort with a good strategy.

The funnel is a way to measure and to get to know better your potential customers, which covers activities to get new customers and have a sales strategy to increase your numbers.

Landing pages and automatic secuences for e mail.

The Inbound Marketing makes the difference: It´s based in the commercial funnel, a concept really known by companies that lets you understand your final results in each stage of the process of getting new customers.

  • Get the e mail of your customer

You offer a lead magnet. When you already have the email you send the customer automatic secuences of messages that takes your user to the sale.

  1. First Commercial Funnel Stage: Visitors

• At this stage the website receives different types of visitors, from curious to those who are already looking for a specific solution, so having good content on your blog will be an excellent way to attract qualified visitors for all stages of the process purchase and be well positioned in search engines like Google. It is important that at this stage you can keep track of how many daily, weekly and monthly visitors you are generating on your website. This is why you must have a tool that allows you to see: - How many visitors are generated by your website

- Which are your websites with the highest income

- The more visited contents

- The rate of return of visits

- Other indicators that are important to understand the behavior of the target audience and to be able to verify the content planning that you are carrying out in your business

One of the best ways to make this possible is through forms, on pages that offer something in return that is of interest to them known as Landing Pages or the famous landing pages, where we promote quality materials such as eBooks, videos, promotions, webinars , infographics, etc.

2. Second Commercial Funnel Stage: Leads

  • By working with leads, you can create campaigns that are more focused on a part of your target audience. It is very different than spending on online advertising, without criteria. A lead allows the message you communicate to reach precisely the one you want to reach.

Using landing pages as a strategy to capture information from your visitors to turn them into leads is an excellent way to get valuable data from the potential customer, for example their email, name, interests and other relevant information that facilitates subsequent contact.

3. Third Commercial Funnel Stage: Cualified Leads

  • In this stage, all those Leads that were discovered in the previous stage that have the interest in products or services. We are going to start segmentation, in order to reach the final stage of the commercial funnel, which is the conversion to sales.

It is where the Marketing team in your business must make the respective qualifications and analysis of the Leads that exist in your contact base. To start working on them as business opportunities, which is the next stage of the funnel.

The previous graph shows how to determine a qualified Lead by analyzing the two axes, on the one hand the customer's profile and on the other their purchase intention. Once these leads are ready and qualified, it is time to take them to the commercial team. Once this happens, we will know that the Lead is already an opportunity and that it can be approached by the commercial team due to the profile it has. 4. Fourth Commercual Funnel Stage: Opportunities

For this process to occur properly, it is very important that the approach by the commercial team happens in a structured way and that all the information that the Lead had as interactions made by Marketing help to be successful in the first commercial contact. So, using spreadsheets or software with integration with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), we can record all the information as historical information of the relationship with your business and the Lead, which helps the commercial team a lot in addressing this Lead and allows you to go directly on the interest you have in increasing the chances of converting you into a customer.

5. Fifth Commercial Funnel Stage: Sales

It is at this stage that your business has less prominence. But having in your hands the information of which Leads can become clients and knowing the entire process they have in the Commercial Funnel, it will help you better understand which actions you should take or which ones are helping you to generate a real return to clients. , what we know as billing. At this stage you can begin to provide post-sale actions to retain and retain your customers, such as upselling or cross selling, increasing the opportunities for a new purchase or a new referral from a potential customer.


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