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Reinvention for some small or medium business

Currently, according to INEGI, it has affected more than 873 thousand small and medium-sized companies, this amount represents 86.6%, this event has been a driver for the transformation of businesses within which today companies are undergoing a reinvention in which customer service has been a key piece in the game.

The reason is very simple: in this stage of change and adaptation, consumers have been modifying their habits and even tastes, among them the one that gives the most to stand out is that 79% of consumers want an immediate response from companies according to the Davies Hickman research.

Although this seems like a small change, addressing this has been a great challenge for customer service, especially in the increase in digital media, this for some small or medium business has been a new phase.

In order to reinvent our companies, it is essential to modify our vision of service and focus on exceeding expectations in order not only to guarantee your satisfaction, but also to obtain your loyalty where this is most relevant.

To have an exceptional service, it is essential to focus on three elements: the people, the process and the place, obviously always taking into account how the company can do for consumers, what is expected of the company and what will be obtained to exceed the consumer expectations.

A very useful tool can be the chat bots that allow you to quickly respond to consumers, it is a tool that allows you to offer very good customer service and at no cost. All the interactions that we have with consumers, anticipating technology, this becomes more important for consumers. Another very useful tool is the implementation of a CRM in order to give a good follow-up to our clients.

These three elements are of the utmost importance as they will help us to reinvent and improve our quality customer service in order to be prepared for new stages of the future. So the best way to predict the future is to create it.

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