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True Importance Of Customer Service

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

As Steve Jobs once said “Get closer than ever to your customer. So close, in fact, that you can tell them what they need before they know it for themselves.”

To start the first thing, we must know the concept of customer service. Customer service can be defined as the service of interacting with customers in order to anticipate to the satisfy their needs, advising them and offering quality solutions. A very important tool of marketing is customer service. Customer service is super important because this can be a promotional and detonating element for the company since it is too powerful as publicity and as promotions.

Statistically is 6 or 7 times more expensive to bring new customers than to keep one. A satisfied customer will buy again and recommend the brand, therefore, that investment will create experiences less time, less money and it will have free publicity. So, it is important to always keep in mind that customer service is a big detonating for the company.

The key factor for customer service is an active listening, body language and acceptance of diversity. These factors are super fundamental to have a good service, without one of these key factors, the client´s message would not be transmitted well. As I already mention, the main objective of customer attention is to anticipate solving their problems in order to satisfy their needs effectively.

There are 10 commandments for customer service:

  1. The customer is always above everything.

  2. Nothing is impossible.

  3. On way to satisfy the customer is to give the more than they expect.

  4. Keep everything you promise.

  5. For the customer, you make a difference.

  6. Failing one point means you are failing everything.

  7. A dissatisfied employee creates dissatisfied customer.

  8. The judgment of the quality service is made by the customer.

  9. No matter how good your service is, it can always be improved.

  10. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we are all a team.

Some strategies to have a good customer service are:

  • The employee satisfaction drives loyalty.

  • The employee loyalty increases productivity.

  • The employee productivity drives the value of customer service.

  • The value of customer service drives customer satisfaction.

  • The customer´s satisfaction encourages the customer´s loyalty.

So always remember bad care cause will always cause big losses. Instead of focusing on your competitors, focus on your customer. Listen to you customer, apply satisfy evaluation to be able to identify the areas of opportunity and, last and most important, always create trust in the customer this is a key piece for the customer to give their valuable loyalty.

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