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Why you don't hire me?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

You send your CV and they never contact you. You go to interviews and they end with: "we will call you", but you know that it will never be like that. You feel that you have what it takes to fill the vacancy but you did not know when you were discarded, you never knew what areas to improve. This and other situations are common when you are looking for work (I also lived / suffered). About 15 years ago I would have wanted someone to guide me to be able to give my best in each interview I attended, to be advised and given "tips" to achieve my goal.

Depending on the company, the steps and times of an entry process vary. But on this day, we are going to show you a summary mentioning the most important points are:

  1. Make a high impact CV.

  2. Looking for the job opportunity.

  3. The interview.

1. Make a high impact CV

In general. it´s recommended that your CV have a maximum of two pages, that you put the least 3 or 4 most recent experiences (in case of having a long work journey). In each of your jobs, apart where you are describing a brief summary of the functions, put the achievements you obtained in your time at the company. A professional photo is recommended, if you can invest in a photo shoot do so. Today, there are many templates for writing CV. Choose the one that best suits for the vacancy you are going to apply and especially to your profile, but above all, use a format that facilitates to understand the information. At the time for sending or uploading it to a platform, make sure that the file is in PDF format, it is a universal format and easy to read.

2. Looking for a job opportunity

You can search for vacancies yourself on social media, search platforms, newspaper ads. If you are going to send your CV directly to the company email, use the title of vacancy in the subject of the email. Put a greeting and a brief (very brief description of you) since in the CV is the complete information of your profile. Do not forward an email that you have already sent to another company, be careful with that. If you upload your information to a platform, make sure it is complete and the most update. Upload a recent photo (please don´t upload the college degree photo). If you have the opportunity to upload a CV, do it in PDF format and make it the most update. Constantly update your profile on the platform, there are some companies that detect you activity and they can give you priority.

3. The interview

They called you, you are filled with emotion and you know that "this is the good one". Actually, there are types of interviews: face-to-face and virtual. In the face-to-face, you need to arrive on time, and this means, at least 15 minutes before. In the virtual connect 10 minutes before. In both cases avoid arriving just on time. When you already in the interview, show interest but regulate you enthusiasm. The recruiter will start with icebreaker questions. He or she is going to give you the opportunity to make yourself known. It´s your moment, explain your work experience, you hobbies and you goals. You will get to know the company through whom you are interviewing, so ask questions so that you have no doubts about the process they carry on. Ask about the organizational culture they manage, what goals you will have to achieve, what they expect from you. Remember: THE CV TAKES YOU TO THE INTERVIEW, IN THE INTERVIEW YOU HAVE TO EARN THE JOB.

We will be developing these in this blog, so we invite you to follow us to help you find an opportunity that you have been looking for so long.

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